Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Christopher Sugrue on Cause-Related Advertising

I am Christopher Sugrue, and I am an advertising consultant. I have always been passionate about advertising – I have always known it was something I would want to do for a living. At first, the thought of any brand I handle being able to achieve top-of-mind awareness was the only thing that inspired me at work. Later on, it became this: to ensure that the campaigns I create for my clients tell a bigger, more meaningful message.


I have always believed that advertising can be used as a means to make the public more socially aware. While branding is still a major and inevitable factor in advertising, I applaud the efforts of some companies in churning out advertising campaigns that send a socially-responsible message, while promoting their product at the same time.


I, Christopher Sugrue, am a strong advocate of cause-related advertising. That social responsibility can work hand-in-hand with consumerism is just plain genius. Among my favorite cause-related ads include the Dove Campaign for Real Beauty, which encouraged the breaking of beauty stereotypes. It gave rise to the Dove Self-Esteem Fund, which aims to empower 5 million young women through information on positive body image, because, as the ad says, “every girl deserves to feel good about herself and see how beautiful she really is.” I also like how Lee, a traditional male brand, empowered consumers to organize workplace drives for employees to contribute $5 for the right to wear jeans on the first Friday in October, starting in 1996. The fund is being used for breast cancer research and advocacy.

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