Thursday, January 13, 2011

A Beginners Guide to Surfing by Christopher Sugrue

As a longtime enthusiast of the sport, Christopher Sugrue gives a quick advice to those interested to start surfing.


Surfing is poetry in motion, a graceful dance to the tune and tempo of the ocean. However, just like any sport, without proper knowledge and preparation, it may lead to disappointment or even injury.

There are people who think that surfing is all highlight reel moments just like how it's often seen on television or movies. This is perhaps the most common mistake committed by newbies. Yes, it would be genuinely satisfying to look cool when riding the waves. But, being safe in the water should be given the same level of priority.


I’ve mentioned this before on my recent blogs: I, Christopher Sugrue, strongly recommends to always putting safety first. Equip yourself with essential gear before hitting the waves.

Learn to respect the ocean, the beach, and fellow surfers. The ocean is undeniably a place of pure beauty. But keep in mind that the ocean is governed by unpredictable natural forces. Accidents can be avoided by being prepared and alert.

Never litter on the beach. Everyone, including you, will enjoy surfing on clean shores. And while giving attention to your personal safety, be sure to keep fellow surfers safe, too. Avoid hitting other surfers with your surfboard by attaching a leash.

Lastly, never ever commit the mistake of being impatient. There are just days when certain factors are not on prime condition: waves are just too small to ride, your balance is terrible, etc.

In this sport, perseverance pays off—ten folds. Just keep at it. Practice, practice, practice. And sooner or later, you’ll be having your very own highlight reel moment conquering the tallest of waves.

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