Tuesday, May 10, 2011

The Adventures of Christopher Sugrue: Angola Episode 2


Ola! I just came back from another vacation to one of the most amazing places in the planet, Angola. In the second episode of the "Christopher Sugrue in Angola" adventure, I went to both familiar and new places, visiting old friends and meeting new ones. Wherever I went though, there was always something fun and exciting to do.

The Beaches

Because I had such a good time the last time I was there, I came back to the Angolan beaches. Ilha do Cabo, Mussulo, Corimba, Santiago, and Palmeirinhas didn't change much, and it was a welcome familiarity. The Angolan sea, sand, and sunshine were as fantastic as ever.

The Town

In my last trip there, I made friends with a few locals with whom I kept in touch with. When I saw Diego again, it was like I never left town. "Christopher Sugrue, Angola misses you," he said. We met with some old friends as he introduced me to new folks. We spent the night chatting, dining, wining, and dancing to the old-meets-new ambiance of the African locale.


The Parks

After a couple of days lounging in the familiar places, I visited the parks I wasn't able to go to the last time. Iona National Park may not have been the "animal paradise" it once was, but the marvelous rock formations there were a sight to behold. Cameia National Park led me through the labyrinth of waterfalls, rocks, different climates, and various cultures and colors that is Angola. It was a refreshing reprieve from the mundane hullaballoo of city life.



As always, Angola will be one of my favorite spots in the world. Angola, até que nós nos encontrarmos outra vez!

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